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Al-Oyin is a national holiday, it brings together all the Altai peoples and even guests from abroad. In translation from the Altai "el" means "people", and "oyyn" means "game, contest", literally the title is translated as "folk games". The tradition of holding this holiday was laid quite recently: it was first held in 1988 and since then it has been held every two years.

Preparation for the celebration takes place in advance: the Altaians still believe that each place has its own guardian spirit, therefore, before the holiday begins, experienced and respected shamans come to this place, they light up the land where the event will take place.

Al-Oyin lasts three days. During this time, numerous sports and cultural events take place at various venues in the valley.

In the program of the festival there are theatrical performances, performances of folk epic narrators and masters of overtone singing, exhibition of folk crafts, as well as traditional sports games for El-Oyin: wrestling kuresh, archery, cedar climbing, throwing maces. The most spectacular and popular contest is "kok-boru". Two teams of equestrian riders are playing on the field, the task is to raise the goat carcass from the ground and throw it into the "kazan" of the opponent's team.

The attractiveness of the holiday proves the constantly increasing number of its guests. People from all over the Russia and countries abroad such as Mongolia, Turkey and other come to visit this festival.