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Tyuryuk Bayram

"Tyuryuk Bayram - a holiday of cedar" - a holiday of cultural and spiritual revival, preservation and development of folk art of indigenous small peoples of the Altai Republic. Within the framework of the festival concerts, competitions, sports national games are held. The festival opens with a theatrical performance with the participation of creative teams and athletes.

Tyuryuk-Bayram was timed to the beginning of the collection of pine nuts and was held in late August - early September. Before going to the harsh taiga, a rich feast was held, people served the tables with the meat, kurut (milk cheese), chegen, ayran, and ayrka - Altaic vodka.

An indispensable element of the holiday was climbing on cedar (who would soon get to the top). In the same way, people arranged competitions on knocking down cones. In the evening a big bonfire was lit in honor of the cedar.