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All-Russian festival “Shukshin’s Days in Altai region”

The festival held in commemoration of our countryman – famous writer, director and actor Vasily Makarovich Shukshin. Festival events take place in Barnaul and Biysk and terminate in the village of Srostki, the birthplace of the great artist. Thousands of people from Russia and foreign countries come to Altai region to commemorate the talent of V.M. Shukshin.

The first Shukshin’s days were held two years after his death in 1976. Each year the festival had some peculiarities. The most remarkable festival was conducted in 1999 when it got the status of the All-Russian festival. Moreover the year of 1999 gave a start to Shukshin’s cinema festival.

The year of 2009 was nominated the year of V.M. Shukshin. The festival of that year became the most remarkable and important in its history. That year it coincided with the 80th anniversary of Altai region. More than 800 festive events were organized during the celebration.